Scottish highland dance school Palm Bay FLThe Scottish Highland Dance School offers lessons for anyone interested in learning Scottish highland and national dances.

Classes are taught by Jennifer, who began taking lessons in Scottish Highland Dancing when she was nine years old. During the next 10 years, she competed at Highland Games throughout the Midwest and was very excited to win her first trophy at a competition in Louisville, Kentucky. She also has experience in tap, jazz, ballet, hip hop, interpretive dance, and mime.

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  1. Hello,
    I am a dancer in Richmond va. I am a premier and want to know more about your school and classes. Will be moving to the area in the fall.


    1. Hi Julian! It’s great to hear from another dancer. I sent an email to you with information about the school.

  2. I am a board member of the Scottish Society of the Treasure coast and a bass drummer in the Vero Beach Pipe and Drum Band. We are looking for a performance highland dance group can you please help us
    Stephen Hicks

  3. I live in Baltimore Maryland and trying to find a Scottish highland dance school in this area without luck. Was wondering if you could help me

    1. Hi Nancy, I did an internet search and found a couple of schools that would probably be about an hour drive from you.
      Here are the links:
      Columbia School of Highland Dancing https://www.scottishdance.net/groups/USA.html#ColumbiaHighland
      International Academy of Dance http://iadancer.iconosites.com/page/class-descriptions
      You could also attend the Fair Hill Scottish Games http://fairhillscottishgames.org and the So. MD Celtic Festival https://cssm.ticketleap.com/2016-somd-celtic-festival-highland-dance-registration/ and talk to the dancers there to find out who teaches them.
      When I took dance lessons, my mom drove me to my teacher’s house, which was over an hour away. I think I took a lesson every other Saturday. If the drive is far for you, you might be able to find someone who would work out that type of arrangement with you. If you have any more questions, please feel free to email me at jen@scottishdanceschool.com

      When I took dance lessons, my mom drove me to my teacher’s house, which was over an hour away. I think

  4. Would like to get our three young daughters going but we live in northern California between Sacramento and Reno and wonder if your School is close to us or if you could help us find one

    1. Hi Scott, I’m in Florida, and I’m not familiar with dance schools in California. You could do an internet search for highland dance teacher California and see what you can find. You could also attend the closest Scottish games to you. The dancers could tell you who their teachers are, and some of the teachers might even be there. Another idea is to contact either the organizer of the Scottish games or the organizer of the dance competition at the games and ask them if they have any recommendations. Good luck!

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